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Why You Should Lobby For Contaminated Site Remediation

If you look around the city where you live you might notice that there are a number of vacant areas that aren't in use. As you view these spaces, you might wonder why there hasn't been any development there. It could be that these areas haven't been developed because they are contaminated. Contaminated spots contain chemicals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury which may have gotten there because of industrial or commercial spills. If you are interested in civic matters and are searching for a cause that you can get behind, keep reading to see why you should lobby your local government for contaminated site remediation.

Contaminated Site Remediation Leads To Job Creation

Job creation is a wonderful way to spur the economy. When people are working and making money, they are able to provide for themselves and invest some of that cash back into the economic cycle. Conversely, when the population isn't working, people just don't have the funds to spur the local economy. They aren't generating the money to pay taxes and a city can begin to suffer from neglect because there just aren't enough tax dollars to keep the town looking the way that it should.

Instead of letting those wide open fields remain vacant, why not seek to have them remediated? The municipal government in your city can put out the call for workers who want to learn the skills necessary to safely dispose of the chemicals that may be hiding deep within the soil. This creates the jobs that generate the money to fund the economic cycle.

Contaminated Site Remediation Beautifies The City

Unless a vacant field is full of beautiful trees or flowers, it's rarely something that will add to the appeal of a city. Contaminated fields could be barren because of chemical damage. When you remediate the field they can begin to flourish once again. The foliage and brush may return so you can enjoy gorgeous green spaces all around your community.

Also, once the vacant areas are remediated it will be safe to build on them once again. Imagine all of the wonderful shopping malls and office buildings that can be erected in your neck of the woods!

You can start the lobbying process by writing a simple letter to your local political authorities. Explain the benefits and focus on how the remediation will help to make your city a more beautiful place to be.

For more information about contaminated site remediation, contact a company like Pacific Commercial Services LLC. 

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