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5 Tips To Help Your Vehicle Pass A Smog Test

In most states, an automobile must pass a smog test before registration can be renewed. These smog tests are required to help prevent excess pollution and auto emissions in the air. Sites like can offer additional information. If your vehicle is due for testing, there are several things that you can do to help ensure that it passes. Take the following steps before taking your vehicle in for a smog test:

Take Car of Check Engine Lights

In almost all cases, a vehicle will not be able to pass a smog test if the check engine light is on. If you notice that your car's check engine light is illuminated, it is very important to have the issue diagnosed and repaired before your required smog check.

Hit the Highway

Modern vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters, which are parts that convert dangerous pollutants into emissions that are less harmful before they are expelled by the exhaust system. Over time oil and gas residue can build up inside the catalytic converter, which can be a problem when a smog check is conducted. The best thing that you can do is take an extended drive on the highway several times in the weeks before the smog test. Doing so ensures that the catalytic converter is able to heat up enough to burn off oil and gas residue.

Schedule an Oil Change

If your vehicle is close to needing an oil change, make sure that you make an appointment prior to taking your car in for a smog test. If there is dirty oil in the crankcase, your vehicle may release additional pollutants which can cause it to fail the smog test. An oil change will replace the old, dirty oil with fresh oil, thus eliminating that problem.

Check Tire Inflation

During a smog test, a vehicle's tires are often placed on rollers so the engine can run at high speeds without the car actually moving. In the event that your tires do not have enough air in them, the engine may have to work harder to get to the speed and number of engine revolutions required by the smog test. If your engine has to work a lot harder, your vehicle may produces excessive emissions which can lead to failing the smog test.

Top Off Your Gas Tank

In some cases, an automobile may be at a slight angle when a smog test is performed. If you have very little gas in your tank, your fuel pump may be exposed when your car is tilted, which can result in vapors entering the fuel line. This can be prevented by adding gas to your tank before you go for a smog test. 

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